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Martingale Betting System

     Martingale Betting SystemCasino customers are always looking for betting algorithms that they can use to increase the chances of winning. Many people think that this way is inefficient. That’s because, in the end, the gambling house visitors loses. This is confirmed by the statistics of any casino. Such also applies to the Martingale strategy. This is due to the hundreds of bets placed. Let’s see if this is true. Our experts tried to find out the truth.


The Martingale system provides the game with the well-known concept “all or nothing”. In this system, casino visitors double their bet after each loss. The Martingale system calculator was developed for players who prefer poker games. These are, for example, “Pass” and “Not Pass Line” bets. However, the principle is sometimes applicable to slots.


If after each loss the bet doubles, with a win you make a profit in general. For example, if you start with $1 and lose 4 consecutive rounds and win in the 5th, it means that you lost $15. However, in the fifth attempt, you made a bet and won $16. In this case, you must stop playing. Thus, you will be complete with money, although this is only 1 dollar. In order to get more money, customers casino must use the algorithm again and again.


Why the Martingale System Banned?

The main reason all betting systems are ultimately unsuccessful is that the result in games like roulette or craps is 100% random. There is no principle by adhering to which one could successfully predict the results. Every spin and every roll of dice is an independent event. People who prefer to use the roulette betting system are unlikely to complete. This is because of the following:

  • Martingale method provides hundreds of bets
  • According to the terms you can not put more than the limit
  • Each player has a limited number of coins

Despite the specifics of bets, many users write that they win in this way. Is this really so? Let’s try to find out! To do this, we must understand the disadvantages and advantages of each betting system.

Martingale Betting: Advantages and Disadvantages

Newcomers who make their first attempts at the casino often use different strategies. This also applies to the Martingale roulette. In most cases, this is not a so-called strategy as a simple way to play. However, if the players win, they are convinced that this is because of the use of the algorithm. But it is not always the case.

Why You Will Not Be Able to Use Betting Systems

You won’t be able to find a single betting system that would guarantee a 100% win. If such a way exists, most casinos would go bankrupt. A person who understood such an algorithm would keep it a secret. This should be understood by beginners who think that strategy is the only way to succeed.

Today, you can find a lot of offers from people trying to sell a strategy, promising that casino customers can win with minimal losses. This is the same deception as the sale of miraculous medicines of the XIX century. Therefore, experts do not recommend paying for dubious strategies. It’s better to read expert advice for free. For beginners, this is a good way.


roulette strategyIf you are a beginner, you can try to win with the algorithm. But, any betting system has two main disadvantages. First, you can lose all your deposit before you win. The second problem is that the casino rules provide for a maximum bet. Therefore, you should think it over well. Check if you have enough money, read what other clients write reviews about. After you figure it out, you can choose a slot and play. Always be scrupulous, this is the basis of your profit. This is the best rule for a beginner. People who adhere to such principles do not often get lost in gambling.

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