Mon. May 29th, 2023

Hot count Cards In BlackJack

blackjack There should be no prohibitions on card counting in a casino (although this is not legal in principle, some clubs come up with various ways to prevent experienced gamers who know how to count in a gambling establishment).

Ins and Outs of card counting

You should be aware that counting game is not always possible. You will have to play in a land-based casino, as in online clubs such a trick will not work. After each deal, the system interferes with the cards and returns to the virtual deck of cards, and does not put the players aside. An exception may be a game with live dealers, but owners of gambling resources have come up with ways to deal with card counters. You must have an excellent memory that will not fail at the most crucial moment. Incidentally, a high low card game is only for the real aces.

Do you think that having studied and mastered all the tricks associated with knowing how to learn how to count in Blackjack, you will be guaranteed luck? Whatever the case, not a single casino owner wants to be a loser, so he does everything to prevent the appearance of “smart pants” in his house. Mobile strike trainer will be a panacea. 

Hot count Cards In BlackJackWhat is counting cards?  In principle, having mastered various theories and methods of counting cards, you can get more chances to win. However, this conclusion only works in theory. In practice, most likely, an ordinary gamer will not succeed. For example, an excellent chess player has an ideal memory and can memorize a massive amount of information. 

This system has many disadvantages. For example, cards from 7 to 9 are not taken into account at all, and the methodology doesn’t care: a deuce or six has left the game. However, a difference of four points at a crucial moment can be significant. It is for these reasons that I do not recommend blindly hoping for card counts and being sure that this will help beat the casino. If you strive to ensure that cards are read as efficiently as possible, you should take into account the slightest changes in the chances that occur with the release of each card.

When big cards are dealt, the opposite happens. Your chances are beginning to diminish. In the process, you will see that with the release of large cards your score will become smaller. One can only guess how difficult it is to simultaneously keep these numbers in mind and at the same time keep an account. Your brain must be like a computer in order to carry out these two operations simultaneously.


How to count cards? The prominent personalities trying to gain an edge over the casino included:

  • Jess Markum, thanks to whom the idea of ​​counting cards in Blackjack came up;
  • Julian Brown, who simplified the Thorpe system;
  • Lawrence Revere continued to simplify existing methods;
  • Al Francesco – tested existing systems (with his own improvements) in real casinos with a team of like-minded people;
  • Ken Aston is one of Francesco’s comrades, who managed to defend the right to count cards in court, which allowed him to beat the most famous casino in the USA, but after that the rules of the game in New Jersey were tightened.

It makes no sense to list all interesting stories telling about how to learn how to count cards in Blackjack. In principle, any gamer can find relevant literature on the Internet and engage in self-education. The only thing I warn all gambling beginners about is responsibility during the game. Do not forget that gambling becomes the cause of the development of gambling addiction, which has very serious consequences.